La Mesa Friends of the Library

About the La Mesa Library

The La Mesa Library is part of the San Diego County Library system. The City of La Mesa owns the land and the building that the library occupies, while the County of San Diego operates the library. This cooperative relationship between the City and the County has served the community well over the years by drawing on resources from both public agencies.

The County of San Diego budgets for a basic level of staffing and service to all of the libraries in its system. In addition, the County often has matching funds that can match, dollar for dollar, any locally generated financial contributions for additional materials or supplies.

The La Mesa library is one of the most active branches in the 33 branch County library system. The funds raised by the Friends of the La Mesa Library go a long way toward providing the materials that patrons of the La Mesa library have long enjoyed.

The La Mesa Library has had 1,384,285 visitors in the past four years. Circulation statistics indicate 2,859,861 which amounts to 7 % of total SDCL Circulation. Six month have elapsed in 2012 and visitors and circulation for the first half of the year almost equals entire circulation for 2011. It is a popular La Mesa location.

Some of our Volunteers

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A Note from: Jose Apointe, Library Director San Diego County Library, Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Subject: Library of the Year Award

On behalf of Library Administration, it is my honor and sincere pleasure to share with you that the San Diego County Library has won the Library Journal Library of the Year award for 2012!
Your determination and commitment is unmatched and this award is an unequivocal affirmation of the value we bring to San Diego and our profession.
Our journey has been long and at times lonely: you have never wavered, challenging the status quo when necessary, fearless in serving our public, and clearly focused on our professional discipline and a collective legacy for the region.
We thank all who have been part of this effort, past and present. For those of us reading this and working today: go back to work refreshed, reenergized, and fully cognizant that this profound recognition is earned daily through our personal actions, programs and community services.

Thank you. Jobs Aponte

Who are the Friends of the La Mesa Library?

The Friends of the La Mesa Library is a group of people from the La Mesa area who believes that a modern, effective library is essential to our community. Formed in February 1969, the Friends have since incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization whose stated purpose is to promote, preserve, and support library services and patron needs through education of and communication with local libraries and the community

How Can I Become a Friend?

You may join the Friends of the La Mesa Library by paying an annual tax-deductible membership fee. Please see the membership form included on this site.

Friends of the Library Bookstore

The Friends of the La Mesa Library raises the majority of its money from used book sales. Our bookstore is conveniently located just inside the library's front entrance, and is open daily from 1 to 4 PM. Our continued success depends on two things: your donation of new or gently used books, and volunteers to staff and run the bookstore. lf you think you might like to help with our bookstore, please indicate so when you join or renew your membership. All volunteers working in the bookstore and/or the library are required to go through a formal background check by the County.

Brian Jones 150Comments From Assemblyman:

On behalf of Californian 77th Assembly District, I would like to applaud the Friends of the La Mesa Library for your valuable contribution to this community. Your role as a non-profit undoubtedly provides a necessary presence within the region.

Brian W. Jones
Assembly, 77th District